Functional Training

Functional Training

What you need to know!

Functional training is defined as the set of exercises that train a person to movements which are necessary for his activity, in combination with training parameters which serve daily activities or the participation in sports activities. Simple everyday moves are converted into a variety of exercises transferring the necessary for the everyday life activities into the gym program.

What exactly is Functional Training?

Starting point

Functional training has its roots in the rehabilitation of injuries. Specialized trainers developed a set of exercises that copied the movements that patients made in their daily lives, at home or at work so they can quickly get back to their daily works after an injury or after a surgery.

Functional training in sport

Athletes have always used weights in their effort to increase power. The classical strength exercises have often differed much from the real activity, failing to train efficiently the athletes. Functional training has come to give a solution to this problem by completely copying their real moves.


Functional training can lead to the development of the muscular system and of proprioception, to increase muscle and intramuscular adhesion, resulting in the better preparation of the body to avoid injuries and to the great improvement of athletic performance. The benefits can come from the fact that training emphasizes to the three basic levels of movement (planes of motion).