Personal Training

What is Personal Training?


Personal Training is the fitness method in which the client is generally exercising in a space according to a flexible program exclusively designed for him, guided and supervised by his personal trainer. The trainee has the opportunity of personal care and commitment, enjoying exercises perfectly suited to his personal needs.

What benefits can Personal Training programs have at my body and my life?

  • To improve your physical condition by improving the function of your organ systems (cardiovascular, respiratory, muscular, skeletally, nervous, immune etc.) which play a key role in human health and longevity.
  • To increase your metabolism and to better regulate all functions.
  • To reduce your weight by correcting fat-to-muscle ratio, fluids etc.
  • To “chisel” your body and to reduce cellulite.
  • To increase your muscular strength so that you feel stimulated and “tight”.
  • To increase your muscular mass uniformly by giving a well-formed shape to your body with nice curves.
  • To improve your daily body posture.
  • To reduce the natural wear and tear of time on your body and organism giving you the sense of well-being and youthfulness every day.
  • To minimize or eliminate any problems you may have from chronic diseases that are distressing you.
  • To rehabilitate any musculoskeletal injuries that disturb you.
  • To train pregnant women without any complications in pregnancy.
  • To help the woman return to her former body weight after childbirth.
  • To prepare you for an important event of your life e.g. marriage.
  • To create the conditions for the improvement of the quality of life of each individual.
  • To improve the psychology and the mood through the secretion of the hormones of happiness (norepinephrine, dopamine, serotonin) during the exercise, but also after it.

What does the Personal Training schedule include:

  • Training with aerobic exercises in electronic equipment
  • Muscular strengthening training
  • Flexibility and pliability training
  • Proprioception & balance training
  • Body weight training, medicine balls, suspension training, balance platforms, pulleys (functional training)
  • Exercises for restoring musculoskeletal injuries
  • Training for losing weight and aerobic capacity
  • Exercise to minimize muscle imbalances that cause injuries
  • Special exercises for patients with chronic conditions (cardiovascular diseases, metabolic syndrome, autoimmune diseases such as type I and II diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson, etc.)
  • Functional training (simulation of everyday activities in the form of exercises) for the transfer of the adaptations of the exercise to the daily routine with the benefit of improving the quality of our lives

Why do I finally do Personal Training?

Because very simply, every person in a Personal Training program will have the utmost care and attention from his personal trainer, implementing his own program, which is always the product of a scientific study so that our trainee has the maximum results in the shortest possible time without injuries. And because the uniqueness of every person is indisputable, personal and personalized training to maximize results becomes necessary.